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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wang Zhao Jun

My Ratings: 3 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: 73 Rangoon Road, Georgetown, Penang
Non Halal
RM7-30 per person

This place is recommended by TV8's Ho Chiak! programme which airs every Sunday 6:30pm. Situated at Rangoon Road, operating from 8:00am - 2:30pm daily and closes on Tuesdays. This is a top favourite restaurant for local Penangites. It's super packed for lunch right up to closing time at 2:30pm.

Nevertheless, you need to be there early as their specialty dishes are usually sold out before closing time. Their specialty dishes are their Fish Meat Hor Fun (pictured), Sour and Spicy Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup (pictured) and Deep Fried Tofu.

I did not manage to order the Deep Fried Tofu as it was sold out when I reached there about 1:30pm. Instead I ordered the Chearn Jiang Pork Ribs (pictured). If you are not a fish head fan, you can replace it with bite size fish meat. I am not a fan of fish head coz I am just too lazy to work through all the bones in that part of the fish. So on this adventure, I had the fish head replace with fish meat.

All the food was delicious. The Hor Fun taste fresh as it is made as ordered and not ready made. It came with Chai Sim vegetables. The fish peices are very freah and its meat tasted sweet. Ginger is not used in the cooking, so that tells you how fresh the fish is. Served steaming hot in a light soya sauce with a sprinkle of fried garlic. The taste is flavourful. Every other table in the restuarant has a plate of the hor fun.

The Fish Meat Sour & Spicy Bee Hoon Soup came next in a claypot. It has Bee Hoon, fish meat, Thai chilli, tomatoes and chopped shallots. The first taste of the soup, you are immediately overwhelmed by the sour and spicy of the dish. The heat of the Thai chilli is strong but not intense while the sourness makes you want more of the soup after every spoonful. The sour come from preserved plum. I can see that people comes to the restaurant ordering that bee hoon only which clearly shows that it is the top favourite.

The next dish from the kitchen is the "Chearn Jiang" pork ribs. It has a strong flavour, It's deep fried and then served with a savoury and sweet sauce sauteed until the sauce is thick. I enjoyed the dish until the very last piece of the pork ribs.

I will definitely go there again to try the other dishes on the menu. Parking is limited so you must be prepared to walk further. The price for our 3 dishes and 2 herbal drinks came to a total of RM28.40. Slightly pricey but I think it can be justified coz fish meat is expensive.

Call 0125559046/0124709549

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