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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hainan Western

My Ratings: 3 Stars
Cuisine: Western
Location: Mount Eskine (opp. wet market), Penang
Non Halal
RM7.50 - 15.00

Recommended by Jason (, this western food restaurant enjoys endless stream of customers. Sometimes during peak dinner time, the crowd is so huge that just arrived cstomers have to wait for a vacant table.

Named Hainan Western, the business grew and grew and is still growing. Maybe good fung shui because it is situated on temple grounds but one thing for sure, everyone seems to agree that the food taste good, hence for the many returning customers. Thus this place is giving the Fettes Park Western food nearby a good competition

OK, you may ask why the western food here is better than others. Well, 1st, the food ingredient is fresh, good quality and lean (less fat). With some many customers, there turn on the food is high so ensuring the freshness of the ingredients. Second, the food is well cooked. One measure of good coking is the french fries. It is not fried til crispy hard but until a nice golden brown colour and still soft inside with great tasting potatoes. Third, the gravy is well prepared, thick and flavourful.

We ordered the mushroom soup as starters and chicken chop, fish & chips and "Indianna" Pork Chop. Can't make out what is in that "Indianna" gravy but is it not bad tasting. I think the "Indianna" sauce is their signature sauce because I do not think any other outlet has this kind of sauce.

Oveall, the food is good but be prepared to wait for your food. We waited about half an hour before our food was served. Parking is limited. Open for dinner only from 6:00pm. Close on one of the weekdays (I think it's Thursday)

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