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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Swatow Lane Ice Kacang

My ratings: 4 Stars

Cuisine: Asian/Dessert
Location: New World Park (102, Burmah Road), Penang
From RM2:00

Some call it ABC (Air Batu Campur), some Ice Kacang and even in some countries (Philippines) they have a nicer name to it...Halo Halo. Well it is just a concoction of Rose and Sarsi syrup, sweet corn, sweetened red beans, evaporated milk, herbal jelly, palm seeds and of course a large dollop of shaved ice. For some, ice-cream and fruits like banana or mango are added for extra bite! (see pictue 4)

It's a common dessert dish in Penang, mainly found in food courts and local cafes like Gurney Drive. But having tasted most of the them, I still like the one made at the Swatow Lane before they moved to the New World Park very nearby. New World Park a.k.a Sin Say Kai was the premeir entertainment centers for our parents during the 1930's right up to the 70's which hosted famous shows by Penang's top entertainer Rose Chan. New World Park was rebuilt and re-opened to the public in early 2008

Their Ice Kacang dish is flavourful and aromatic. Every scoop into the mouth melts like heaven and you get a mixture of the sarsi, rose and creamy dairy and small parcels of the sweet corns and red beans.

Of course, I can say this is an acquired taste because my American friends who tried it finds the combination of taste weird and not used to the texture

This stall has a long history. It has been there ever since I can remember. I remember my dad used to bring me there for afternoon bites after visiting my grandma who lives nearby. During those days, it was a street side stall serving the best dishes with other street side stalls. Hence, why Penang is such famous with its street foods

This stall besides serving the best Ice Kacang, also serves a variety of fresh fruits and rojak. Sometime, the varieites are seasonal and what sets this stall apart from other fruit stalls is they have the widest variety with fruit not normally sold coz they are so hard to get. For example, pictured are local variety called "Paw Teh", sweet tamarind and "Pee Pah". Yummy!

The rojak is also good. flavourful and aromatic with the generous prawn paste, sugar, grounded peanuts and their secret ingredient

I definitely recommend this ice kacang. Best ever tasted.

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