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Sunday, March 1, 2009


My Ratings: 4 Stars

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: G Hotel, Penang
RM60-80 per person
Nice atmophere. The restaurant has many types of seating for its guest from open along the sushi chef counter to cubicle to tatami seating in a private room and normal seating in a private room. Feel like a typical wooden Japanese dwelling.

We sat is a private room with normal seating. the dining expeirence is quiet with sounds from outside is well insolated. Definitely there is privacy as we have the ability to call the waitress only when needed using a call button for service on the table. Each guess is served with a miso bean titbits while browsing through the menu.

At first glance, the menu selection is wide variety with sushi, sashimi selelection, dinner set, noodles and rice dishes from RM24 - RM240 per dish.

We ordered IKA GESO KARAAGE (fried squid/RM8), set dinner TEMPURA ZEN and SUSHI ZEN (pictured/RM34-38), UNA DON (grilled unagi with rice/RM24) and SASHIMI KAEDE (RM60) and some sushi rolls to share SPIDER & DRAGON ROLL (RM24/RM35).

The food is fresh and quality. Pleasantly prepared and arranged

Value for money for the food is average. Yes, it fresh but of course you paid in price. Ambience is nice but service can be improved. The waitress keep clearing away the plates, too eager for my preference. Too young too. Looks like it is just a part time job for them. Furthermore, the waitress is dressed in white shifts and black pants. I would expect or would like to see them is Kimonos to complete the experience. What a waste. Same goes to the counter chefs. Normal chef uniform.

No charge for grean teas/bean titbits but please add service and govt tax.

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