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Monday, March 2, 2009

Maria's Sui Kow

My Ratings: 3 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese/Hawker
Location: Golden City Coffee Shop (next to New World to Burmah Road side), Penang
Non Halal
RM4-8 per person

Maria's Sui Kow has been an all time favourite for locals for Wan Tan Mee and Sui Kow especially the Sui Kow. It looks like the Sui Kow is the main attraction and the Wan Tan Mee is just a side dish. My opinion is that the Wan Tan Mee is nothing specially but wait till you taste the Sui Kow which I will comment later.

People comes from far and near to have dinner at Maria's. It is very popular that you hardly see the cook not busy for a moment. Maria's is the main stall for this cofee shop. There is also (Chinese) Mee Goreng stall which is quite good too. I only go to this stall at nite, so I am not very sure if it is available during the day time. Parking along Burmah Road near the coffee shop is a lucky dip, so you can find more convenient parking inside the New World carpark but it will cost you RM1 for 1st half hour.
About the Sui Kow, well it is RM0.70 per piece. It has a sweet pork meat filling with crunchy water chestnut. The texture has a combo of soft meat with crunchy bite and eaten with the soup is heaven. The soup is tasty too. Not too salty but favourful.

Try it out. The Sui Kow is one of the best in Penang. There is another stall along Macalister Road which also serve good Sui Kow. Maybe I will write that later. It has been some time I have been there.

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- Julie Tan

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