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Monday, March 2, 2009

Mizi Bistro

My Ratings: 3 Stars

Cuisine: International
Location: New World Park, Penang
RM7-39 per person

I have been to New World Park and I walked passed this restaurant a few times but never thought of patronizing it. Usually quite busy during lunch and dinner.

Well I got invited to a birthday get together and soon I was looking at the menu. It has all the western food range from soups, to meats to pasta but what got my attention was a set lunch or dinner menu from only RM21.90++. For that price, you are getting a small bowl of soup of your choice, pasta or meat, drinks and bottomless ice cream. All the choices comes from the ala-carte menu. So you get to choose from a wide range of food dishes.....not like other set menu that limits you to a few choices. For this menu, you can even order lobster tails but of course you pay more (price of the main dish plus RM6 if you are including the set of soup, drinks and bottomless ice-cream)

Well, I just had to order their "signature" mushroom soup, a "three-combo" meat dish of lamb, fish and chicken and a black current drink.

Someone recommended me the mushroom soup. Guess what, he is right. The "signature" mushroom soup is really tasty & creamy with chunky bits of blendered mushrooms. Yummy! I think it is the best mushroom soup I have ever tasted (previously my favourite was the Italian Restorante at Bellisa Row). I finished it in no time.

My combo meat dish is OK (lamb too boney and a little tuff) but I wished I ordered the chicken maryland (CM). The CM dish looked good, simple with large servings vegies, and fired banana......yummy. I saw the next table had pasta which also looked savoury to me. Perhap my next visit, I would order either CM or the pasta dishes.

When I finished my main course, I hardly have room left for the ice-cream. Too bad.

The restaurant offers inside dinning or al-fresco. I think al fresco dinning experience is nicer. But the restaurant is always so busy. You really have to book to ensure you get a seat. parking is easy at New Work Park. RM1 per hour or RM2 flat after 6pm.

I find the set menu at RM21.90++ is value for money. Consider this, even at hawker western, the bread (RM0.70), the soup (RM2.50) + CM (RM7) + drink (RM1.20) + ice-ream (RM1.60) already totalled RM13. For a few more bucks, you get a larger potion of main course & better quality food, nice & clean atmosphere & service.

I will difinitely go there more than once.

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