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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My ratings: 3 stars

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: Fettes Park, Tanjung Bunggah, Penang (opp. Sun City)
Non Halal
RM15-20 per person

Just opened early this year 2009, you can hardly miss the restaurant as you drive past Fettes Park. It is the newer restaurant in that area and it is also the most brightly lit along the row of shop and stalls. The restaurant is open for lunch (11am - 3pm) and dinner (6-11pm). Close on Thursdays. The restaurant has another branch in Batu Maung area.

As the restaurant is newly opened, it is offering cheap set lunches at only RM5.90 inclusive of a fried egg, a bowl of soup and tea or water to publicise and attract customers. One popular lunch set is the Wild Boar Curry. For dinners, it offers ala-carte Chinese styled dishes with price ranging from RM6.00 to RM80.00.

Its signature dishes are Wild Boar Curry, Fried Porridge and Yunan deep fried tofu. Great, now I do not have to go Chai Leng park in BM to enjoy the local area's top favourite which is the fried porridge. This is the same idea when the chef created his signature dish at this restaurant where he is to be able to enjoy fried porridge without having to travel to BM to enjoy the dish. We leave the Wild Boar Curry to try on our next visit. The lady owner recommended me their long beans cooked with garlic . But I was in the mood for something spicy, so the lady owner recommended to cook with sambal instead. She claimed that their long beans are home grown and taste sweeter

We ordered the fried porridge, Yunan tofu and Sambal long beans. For drinks I ordered the home made soya milk. The first dish to come out was the crispy tapioca chips. Then came the long awaited Fried Porridge and then sambal long beans and finally the Yunan Fried Tofu.

The Fried Porridge has a strong flavour. It has shrimps, bits of Char Sui pork, dried cuttlefish and sprinkle of chopped shallots all mixed together. It is quite filling too as the porridge is thick and the portion is big. Indeed, the home grown long beans are sweeter. But I find that cooking the beans with sambal is too much oily. We had to drip the oil off the beans before we put it into our mouth. The belacan shrimp paste unfortunately was not fully dissolved and it make the dish a little salty. See picture below. The Yunan Tofu is good. Its center is moist and soft like cottage cheese while it is crispy outside on the skin. The crispy chips is good but at RM1.50 for a handful of chips is very expensive and just not worth your money So ask the waiter not to serve the chips

The service is not so good. With the owner's wife alone taking orders, serving the dishes and at the same time manages hers sons who are helping her, we waited a while before she came over to take our orders.

A good alternative place to have fried porridge without going all the way to BM. The Yunan tofu is good too.


  1. hi there, you should try their wild board next round. lean wild board cut with lemaky curry, lovely, oyster omelet is another recommanded item. Porridge, taofu up to par. i think the long bean stir fry with fermented black bean n shrimp is the best among their vege list. anyway, its depends on your luck, which chef to serve your dishes on that day.

  2. Gill Gill, Yup I am planning to try the wild boar curry. I hope the meat is not too tuff. Ya the long bean is sweet. but that day, I ordered the spicy one which is too oily for my taste. Thanks for the suggestions!!!


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