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Monday, March 2, 2009

Baan Thai

My Ratings: 3 Stars

Cuisine: Thai
Location: Pearl Hill, Tanjung Bunggah, Penang
Non Halal
RM20-30 per person

This little restaurant lies a little way up the hill along the Pearl Hill road. Serves authentic Thai cuisine. I had Mai Kam which a traditional Thai appetiser. It is made up of a variety of condaments like lime, chilli padi, pine nuts, fried shrimps, coconut and daun sirih for wraping the condaments with a little bit of its lemony sweet sour sauce and eaten raw. ...Yummy

I also had the Tom Yam soup. Well made between a balance of spiciness and sourness. Also tried the green curry chicken and kerabu manggo and cleaned my palate with a bowl of krup kum karp which is in thai a bowl of jach fruit with water chestnet in a glutinous wrap and coconut milk

Overall, ambience is nice. there is even a private room for your special function. Food is tasty and expected value of money in this middle class restaurant except for the Tom Yam soup which is on the dearer side. Service is very good. Maybe there was only three tables being served at that time


  1. Alan - Have you tried Chok Dee Thai? Its located in Jln Burma, same row of building with Kocha Taiwan restaurant. My favs are the Lemon Steam Fish and Fried Kangkung. Parking space is limited though.

  2. No I haven't. But I will definitely try it o my next Thai food adventure

  3. The Baan Thai standard is very inconsistent. I had my meal there for 3 times and ended up all dishes taste, presentation were different! They stopped me by bringing/intro friends over. Can't afford to let friend scold...haha

  4. Gill Gill, Wow! thanks for the caution.


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