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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bali Hai Dim Sum

My ratings: 4 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese/Dim Sum
Location: 90-90D Gurney Drive
Non Halal
RM10-15 per person

Ah ......What a wonderful Sunday morning. This morning in particular, the fresh smelled so fresh, probably the rain last night cleared the rest of the smog from the evening traffic polution. I am a morning person. I just really appreciate the rising of the morning sun.

So this Sunday, I decided to have dim sum at my favourite dim sum place - Bali Hai. A dim sum restaurant during the morning/day and a great seafood restaurant at night. All kinds of seafood from all over the world. It's kinda like the worlds ocean on your platter

What I like about going to Bali Hai for dim sum is the food. Most of the dishes are well cooked with a balanced taste and generally with very less oil than the other dim sum houses' dishes I have tasted.

I think chilli sauce should be banned when the food is good enough to be eated as it is and not be masked over by the over powering of the sweetness and spiciness of the chilli sauce. I don't understand why some people must always dip into th chilli sauce for every bite. You are then eating the chilli sauce only and not the full rane of flavours of the dim sum

Good food presentation too like putting little paper dollies. As the restaurant is by the Gurney Drive bay, you will be treated with a great sight and taste. Ample parking. If you go early like 8 - 9am, the crowd is less but beware, after 9am the place can really get crowded.

The restaurant is self serving on weekends and public holidays. I think this is the first dim sum restaurant which is self service, no push carts. So if you are hungry and you want your food, you have to line up in a queue to get your food. I don't mind because I think this self service system is more efficient.

Tea is charged RM1 per person but I usually bring my own tea as there is no surcharge for bringing your own tea. And own tea is of course better quality in taste. The money I save, I can buy another dish or two.
I has a number of typical dim sum dishes. They are generally priced from RM1.20 to RM4 per dish. Not that much more expensive than other dim sum houses but hey, this place is generally a class better than the rest. Clean, lots of food variety and good taste

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