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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Goh Huat Seng

My Ratings: 4 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese/Teo Chew
Location: 59A Kimberly Street (junction with Jalan Pintal Tali), Georgetown, Penang
Non Halal
RM15-25 per person

Talk about stepping back in history. This restaurant must be one of the few remaining that have not changed its facade since business started there. It's historic looking.

Started in 1953, this restaurant is one of the oldest and most popular Teo Chew restaurant on the island. Now, run by Mr. Sew Boo who took over this business from his father Goh Eng Poh in 1977 and moved to its current location.

The restaurant serves typical Teo Chew delicacies like Oh Chien (Oyster Omelette), Lor Ark (Brasied Duck with Five Spices), Chim Bak Kean (Crab Roll), Heh Bak Kean (Prawn Roll) and of course Or Knee for dessert. All are house specialty and pictured.

Apart from Chinese dishes, dinner can also order their steamboat set from RM60. But these are not your typical modern day steamboat cooked over an electric or gas stove. This steamboat is over red hot charcoal fire using a traiditional steamboat apparatus. Wow! this certainly up the historic value/points of the place and experience. But this steamboat apparatus had the help of modern technology. Its owners provide a mini battery operated fans to help fan the hot ambered fire

We ordered all of its house specialties and more. We ordered their fish ball soup with sea weed floss, long beans, pork with preserved vegetables, Chinese Chai Sim and steamed fish Teo Chew style.

Delicious. Taste is balanced. Not too salty nor oily as with typical Teo Chew cooking style. The only twist was the Or Knee. Normally this traditional dessert is Yam is covered with rice sheet and steamed until the rice sheet is almost translucent. Here the Or Knee is deep fried using flour sheets

Parking is limited along the busy streets in that area. So being there early to avoid walking a distance from you car and back. Also be there early as it can get pretty pack with customers especially during the weekend.

Cash term only. For reservation, call+604 2615811. Opens 11:00am - 3:00pm for lunch and 5:30pm - 9:30pm. Closed on alternate Mondays.


  1. Wow! Nice photo la with the uncle there... Never been there before, will try it someday...

  2. Hi byron2julia, ya I recommend you goinf there at least for try. remember to order their signature dishes.....


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