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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Restauran Kolam Ikan (Fish Pond Restaurant)

My Ratings: 3 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: Sungai Kob, Taman Mutiara, Kedah
About RM30 per person

This is one of the most unique restaurant I have ever been. Smack right in the palm plantation along the Kob River in Kedah. Practically you have to drive off road for a good 15 minutes to get to the restaurant. The restaurant is simple right to the very basic. It is like a big hut erected in the middle of the jungle. So why made me go to such extend to try out there? Coz Jason (Taste with Jason - Astro AEC) been there and he recommended it.

This restaurant serves only fish dish plus one vege dish. Yup, that's all. But what make this restaurant a popular place for food gourmet is that the fish is caught fresh in the pond when you order it (or a few hours earlier).

We ordered a combination of steam and deep fried dish. Ask the waitress on her recommnedation of the fish and how that fish is suppposed to be cooked. Coz some fish species is good on when cooked a certain way. We ordered the species which I never heard of.

The dishes are fresh and delicious. But be warned. There is a hell lot of flies. If you are not comfortable with flies around your food like more than 10 of them at the same time, then you probably want to miss this experience.

For reservation, call Ah Yew 013-4379606. Restaurant is open from 11:30am - 6:00pm. Closed on Mondays

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