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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Palace D'India

My Rating: 3 Stars

Cuisine: Indian
RM30-40 per person.

Authentic Indian. I tried the buffet which cost us about RM18 per person inclusive free flow lemonade drinks. They served mostly vegetarian food to cut cost I think. They had also Tandoori Chicken served which I think is the best value. The service is OK. I like the ambience but I think it is a little tad too bright because of the large windows. For the deco, it is typical Indian/north Indian style. I specially like the Kamasutra paintings around the restaurant. Located above Maybank QB.

I also been to the Tanjung Bungah branch a couple of times. I like the ambience more. Its cozy with red Indian bricks. The food is OK. Again Tandoori Chicken is still my top favourite. I had other dishes as well like fried fish in curry, Cheese and spinach curry. Parking is convenient at the Tg Bungah branch


  1. yeah its really a good restaurant in penang,
    now u can call them for reservation 1800889787

    the top food in the island

    you cannot tip them, they always says your presence is a great tip f0r us

  2. Wow! I like it! "Your Presense Is a Great Tip For Us" .....with a service like this...this resaurant will be around for some time...


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