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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Korean BBQ Chicken

My Ratings: 2 Stars

Cuisine: Korean
Location: Gurney Plaza & New World cafe, Penang
RM15-25 per person

OK. Finally I decided to try on this new restaurant in the mall (Gurney Plaza) after being undecided where to eat. What caught my attention was its sign. Just what I need at that time......some BBQ treat.

So I decided to take a peek and hey! ... half the restaurant is packed with people and for me that is a good indication that it must be OK to attract the crowd into there. Nice modern decor and good atmosphere.

OK. the menu is mainly chicken..... Fried chicken, all kinds of BBQ chicken....charboiled....jerked (don't ask me what is "Jerk" chicken coz I dun know and I dare not ask the waiter coz they might think I am being stupid).

Other dishes on the menu are sandwiches, salad and udons and their special dessert that is something like a Korean styled ice kacang at about RM6.80 for a small bowl and RM11.40 for a big bowl....anything I think that's a bit pricey.

Since it is a Korean themed restaurant, I expected Korean flavour chicken like Kim Chi or Ginseng. Unfortunately, they only had Ginseng chic. Guess I have to give the Kim Chi a miss.

Anyway, I did not feel like having Ginseng and wanted some new flavour, so I ordered a 1 piece "Jerk" chicken set (incl mashed potato or rice and coleslaw) while Amanda ordered a Kim Chi Udon. I tot the 1 piece would be enouf for me coz I peeked at the next table, their 3 piece set is large enuf and since my 1 piece is more expensive than regular 2 piece. I tot 1 piece is good enuf for me.

Boy, when i came out from the kitchen, my portion looks like just the size of half pigeon.....hmmm...shud have ordered the regular 2 pieces.

The Jerk chicken was OK in taste. BBQed in dark sauce with a hint of honey I think coz it is sweet and savoury. I paid RM16.70 for mine and RM11.83 for the udon.

The Udon was OK. Nothing great about it.......I gave this restaurant a lowly 2 star for its atmosphere, price, food and service. New BBQ chicken concept but other than that, not much more much choice in menu and not much creativity in assortment. Just chicken, sandwich, salad, noodles and dessert...... Although marketize as Korean but looks more like fuzion........

I would go there again nor recommend anyone.

Call 04-2100222 for reservation or enquiries

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