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Saturday, February 28, 2009


My Ratings: 3 Stars

Cuisine: International
Location: Church Street Pier, Jetty Pengkalan Weld, Penang
RM60-70 per person

It got that Metroplitan Chic English Theme. (Same owner as SOHO in town/Autocity). Nice atmosphere for a drink al fresco downstairs while the the restaurant is upstairs. It provided a golf cart to ferry people to the restaurant/pub which i think was a goood gimmick and essential for thosewho can't or lazy for walk.

I had grilled chicken skewers at RM32+++. Tasty but the portion is small. My wife had the Baked Juicy Chicken wrap in baking paper and burried in sea salt at RM32+++ too. Taste OK but nothing special in taste. Taste like the chinese version of herbal beggars chicken. Again the portion is small.

We ordered Pizza to share for starters. The pizza is good. Lots of variety on the menu from the classic tomato and cheese to supreme. They are baked in a wood oven thin crusted. Whenever a pizza is wood oven baked, it has to be good. It's RM40+++ for the pizza.

Service is OK from the Filipino waiters. Atmosphere is great. Lights from the Butterworth Container port provided a good view/ambience with private yachts parked near it.

We adjourn downstairs for drinks. Beers at RM34++ per jug. Great beers. Guiness on draught, Kilkenny on draught.....yummy. Good place for drinks and socialising. Got all the yuppies and wanna-bes partonizing there.

One thing curiuos me is the name is QE2 but there is a model tanker ship displayed there named QE2. Isn't QE2 is a luxury liner??

Overall, good dining& pub experience/atmosphere. Good pizza but an expensive.pricy menu

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