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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Korea Palace

My Rating: 4 Stars

Cuisine: Korean
RM30 - 5o per person
Location: Tanjung Bungah, Penang (opposite Island Plaza)

What an ideal location for a restaurant. Driving past Tanjung Tokong Road, you can see diners enjoying a meal there through its large windows. Seems like a lot of people is eating there, so I thought I would go there myselfWell, coz it is situated in an new building, its kind of creepy getting there. The lift is still board up and dirty. So I would recommend to take the stairs instead.

Anyway, it is on Level 1, so it is OK to take the stairsThe decor is nice especially the tatami seating and a large private room that can seat 6-30 people. It's a large room which can be divided accordingly. Each seating has a BBQ pit which gets filled with hot charcoal if you order a BBQ set. Of coarse, ordering a BBQ dish is a must coz the efforts in preparing the hot charcoal is worth it.
I ordered a red pepper chicken marinade (Maekon Dak Gui - RM27) and pork with soy sauce marinade (Doaezi Yangnyeom Galbi RM35) and a bowl of hot Kim Chi stew with Korean rice (Kim Chi Jjigae RM18). The steam boat set looks nice to but I will reserve that for my next trip there.As with all Korea hospitality, the order comes with an assortment of titbits (10 types) and Korean green tea. I really enjoyed the variety. Be careful to leave some stomach space for you that you ordered.The soy sauce marinaded pork is very good. The chicken is OK and the Kim Chi stew is delicious. A balance of sourness, chilli heat and the aroma of garlic.The BBQ is served with an assortment of salad leave to wrap your BBQ meat together with chilli and garlic and eaten like a poh piah or a small pau. There is an interesting wrap which is the sesame leaf. What a beautiful leave....too beautiful to be eaten. It has a nice and unusual taste and aroma when eaten.The pork and chicken portion is huge. Actually it is large enough for two persons. So the food is value for money and at the same time tastyAfter dinner, you are serve with complimentary fruit and dessert tea which is a sweet flower infused tea.

Overall, my dinner experience is good. The restaurant is run by a Korean family.The atmosphere is very pleaseant. Place is clean. Food is great and good value for money. And all food is beautifully presented. Best of all, no service charge but there is a 5% govt tax. There is also a seperate lunch menu. I will definitely return for another meal. Next time I will get a group of 6 person to seat at the tatami area for a different kind of experience. For reservation, call 04-8997900

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