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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Invite: Te Chang You Tiao Wang

My Ratings: 3 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: 1250-A, Ja;lan Paya Terubong, Penang
Non Halal
RM1 - 2:50 per cruller

No better way to spend an lazy Saturday afternoon which great friends in a great conversaions than to have it at the longest chinese cruller stall. A few of Penang's great food writers (ahem!) were invited by Mr. Tan to taste and critique his longest........cruller (all 15 inches of it. YES, ladies, that's how long it is!).

Other than offering the traditional plain cruller, Mr Tan has skillfully employed his creativity to present to us 7 other varitions of the plain chinese cruller (Fried Chinese Styled Bread Stick). His creations are:-
  • Black & White Sesame Twins
  • Tuna + Mayonaise
  • Pork Meat Floss + Mayonaise
  • Chicken Sausage + Mayonaise
  • Peanut Butter + Butter
  • Kaya + Butter
  • Honey + Butter

Definitely, with so many variety to choose from, it is sure to be a hit for the young and old alike and every kind of taste buds. My personal favourite is the black and white semase twins and the tuna & mayonaise cruller. I love the simplicity of the twins and the savoury of the tuna & mayo.

Mr. Tan's cruller is a hit judging from the endless stream of customers patronising his stall, almost all are for take-aways. When business is brisk, there is even a line up of waiting cars along the side of the road. Conveniently, Mr Tan's stall is right by the roadside and makes an ideal drive through for customers getting their fix of the longest cruller in the comfort of their cars.

Such a hit that Mr Tan's cruller operation is setup like a top class clean environment manufacturing facility. With the dough kneading at one end and the frying line at the other end. Mr. Tan also custom-made his fryer thus making it the longest cruller fryer for his longest cruller. I bet the length of the fryer is ideal for the timing to fry each cruller as the dough floats from one end to the a finished cruller at the other end and always having the same consistent outer colour.

For those who prefer a healthier snack, Mr Tan also offers black soya milk drink to compliment his crullers. Black soy bean is traditionally considered to be much healthier version of the white soy bean.

Enterprising Mr Tan also provides plain crullers to the Bak Kut Teh stall beside his so bak kut teh lovers can enjoy their BKT fix with freshly fried crullers........Yummy!

Overall, I enjoyed the casual get together and this is the first time I tried so many variety of crullers variations. It would have been fantastic if Mr Tan serve a cuppa of local black coffee (kopi-o) to go with my plain cruller but then again I think this is a plan by Mr Tan not to serve Kopi-O so that you want to try his other "more expensive" creations...hmmmm??.

The place is pretty easy to find. If you are travelling from the Kek Lok Si towards Paya Terubong direction, Mr Tan's stall is situated very near the SRK (Cina) Kong Ming 2 on the right side. Open 1:00pm - 8:30pm. Close on alternate Tuesdays.

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  1. It was great meeting you at this crispy & tasty 'you tiao' gathering.

  2. finally your post up for the crispy and tasty you tiao. Glad to know you.

  3. All who were present that day. It was great meeting you all and I have new and more circle of great friends

  4. Felt pressured odi after seeing all have posted up except you?! :p

  5. Cariso: ya ya very pressure lor

  6. Very nice review.... don't give yourself too much pressure. ^-^

  7. this is the first time I ate so many types of you tiao too!!! Yup I agree that kopi-o will be splendid with these crispy crullers.


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