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Friday, May 22, 2009

Yin Siang@127

My Ratings: 3 Stars

Cuisine: Taiwanese
Location: 127 Hawker Center, 127 Burmah Road, Penang
Non Halal
RM5-10 per person

I totally enjoyed my previous dining experience with my chicken wrapped with bacon from the Funky Monkey stall at 127 hawker center, I decided to return to taste the other street food dishes there.

I noticed that there is a new stall opened since my previous (first) visit. It is a Taiwanese noodle stall. Named "Yin Siang" which has a fragrant meaning to it. The stall has basically 3 types of noodles with 3 types of gravy, so practically you will have 9 different combinations. The noodles are infused with vegetable flavour namely spinach and carrot, giving it its distinctive green and orange colour and the third noodle type is Dan Dan. The owner reassured that the noodles are all naturally flavoured and coloured from the green of spinach and the orange of the carrot.

The 3 gravies are braised duck, prawn and pork knuckles. I ordered the pork knuckles with spinach noodle because pork is my favourite meat. Run by two sisters and had just recently started the business in early May. The dish was served in no time. At RM4.50 per plate, the portion is sufficient. The pork knuckle is delicious with a right balance of saltiness and the meat is tender. It complements well with the spinach noodle. I am looking forward to trying the other combinations in my future visits.

I was still feeling hungry so I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki. At RM7.80 per serving, I found it to be a little expensive given the taste is just OK. I was expecting a different Chicken Teriyaki. Normally teriyaki sauce is sweet stir fried with meat of choice from beef or chicken or seafood. However, the chicken teriyaki I ordered was different. The chicken was deep dried in batter first and served with a topping of shaved bonito flakes. The bonito flakes is delicious but I don't quite like the fried with batter first approach. I just simply like the meat marinated in teriyaki and slowly cooked until the teriyaki sauce is caramelised on the hot pan. Furthermore, the salad is served on the same plate as the meat. This is a no-no. The salad at the end tasted both sweet and savoury from all the terryaki meat juices mixed together with thousand island dressing. In my opinion, the salad should be served seperately.

Amanda had a plate of Emperor's noodles from the same seller of the Arab Fried Rice. I forgot to taste it first but Amanda said the taste is OK and less expensive than the Arab Fried Rice price.

Ample parking inside and behind the food court center


  1. There are so many food to try out in this foodcourt...have yet to try out this noodle. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. CK: Agree. There a varity of food there. I am thinking to pay Funky Monkey another visit and try its new menu

    Cariso: Yeah, try Yin Siang, Funky Monkey and some of the food I tried! I am satisfied with the taste

  3. so coincidentally, we have our dinner in 127 lastnight, and i tried the Yin Siang, Funky Monkey and loh mee too.

    i'd ordered the braise duck with carrot noodle. duck quite nice, but noodle abit overcook.
    bacon rap chicken, olio from funcky. finally have something "original" western taste for the hawker. the loh mee with extra roast pork at rm4.50 came with generous portion.

    the Yin Siang owner said, they specially offer dong por meat "东坡肉" on every sunday. do you feel like re-visit on sunday? :)

  4. Gill Gill, Thanks for the Dong Por meat info. I am sure to try that out if I go there on a Sunday nite!


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