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Sunday, May 24, 2009


My Ratings: 4 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: Blk11A-G-01, Gottlieb Road, Bagan Jermal. 04-2287226
(New Bob building/opp. Penang Chinese Girls School)
Non Halal
RM15-25 per person

Newly opened about 4 months ago. Previous businesses in the same lot did not last long. This restaurant is still operating, so something good is being served there. Anyway, my brother recommends this place. So we decided to try out this restaurant.

The interior is new, clean and well air-conditioned. We decided to order the house specialties (specialty menu pictured) as recommended by the waitress. It was a group of ten so we ordered fish, prawns, 3 vege dishes and my favourite pork knuckles.

The dishes were served in no time. We ordered as picture down..... Stewed Pork Trotter with sea cucumber, Fried Aubergine with Dried Shrimps, Mayonaise Prawns, Kana vege with Sole Fish Chips, Steamed Fish (garoupa) Nyonya Style and Sizzling Bean Curd.

All of the dishes are tasty. Well prepard and good presentation. In particular, I really like the Steam Fish Nyonya Style and Fired Aubergine. I think these two dishes is unique to Reunion. The Nyonya style has a balanced of sour and sweet and very aromatic. I think the sour comes from lime and the sweetness comes from the fish meat and a little sugar while the aromatic comes from the Khaffir lime leaves used in the dish. I love it so much I can't stop drinking the soup from the dish.

The fried aubergine is really tasty and this is the first time I tasted fired aubergine. The batter from the fried aubergine has soaked up all the goodness from the gravy and hence each bit of the fried aubergine is really tasty.

Overall, the restaurant serves delicious dishes with not too expensive pricing for the standard items. Ambience is good, well lit and air-conditioned and clean.

As usual, say no to the peanuts (RM2 per plate) and cold towels as these are unnecessary costs. Parking is limited depending on what time you arrive at the restaurant. If you arrive before 7pm on school days, it is almost next to impossible to find a empty parking bay as parents of PCGS are waiting in cars to pick up their daughters and actually occupying the parking bay. Inconsiderate! Road is wide enough to double park!After 7pm..parking should be no problem.

Close on Thursdays. Call 04-2287226 for reservations.


  1. Hmmm... RM54 for a 600gms grouper is kind of expensive unless the fish is a live one. The fried vegetables too is a bit expensive. I know dried sole fish is rather expensive but that also won't cost this dish so much. I still think the price is a few ringgits more than most restaurants would charge. Maybe that could be the air-cond charges per pax. :P

  2. Criz: Agree that the pricing is slightly more expensive but I like the Nyonya fish. ....something different


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