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Friday, May 8, 2009

Senior Citizen Association Cafeteria

My Ratings: 3 Stars

Cuisine: Street foods, Chinese Hainan
Location: 7, DS Ramanathan Road (formerly Scott Road) off Cantoment Road (mid of stretch), Penang
Pork Free
From RM5 per person

OK, This place is really out of way along DS Ramanathan. It is not even a restaurant. It is the cafeteria of the Senior Citizen Association of Penang, an association that is looking like lack of members and funds. But this cafeteria has been wipping out delicious street foods there for many years (since 1983). In fact, I do not even know of this place until my 83 year old father suggested to come here for lunch after recalling from his memories since he last visited there about the place a decade ago.

I am glad my dad suggested it. The cafeteria is still in its original rustic old shack behind the association. One can choose to sit by the porch or outside below a huge tree or if you are a member of the association, you can sit inside the member's area.

Run by a nice lady named Ho Hoay Chin (aka Ah Chin) and helped by a team of senior citizens serving hungry customers. I ordered their specialties like the Roti Ayam (Minced Chicken meat in a parcel of whitebread and deep fried till crisp) Deep fried sprill roll and Fried Jawa-styled Noodles). Other house specialties are Mee Sau Tau (noodles cooked in strachy gravy with prawns, mushroom and chicken meat) and Inci Kabin (deep fried marinated chicken served with Worchestershire Sauce). I also ordered fish and chips but it is not great food. To enjoy the Inchi Kabin, you need to order ahead one day by calling Ho on +604-2260986

Closed on Mondays, On weekdays, it is open from 12-8pm and weekends from 12-9pm. Ample parking inside the compound of the association but make sure you don't park in the member's parking area otherwise you will be asked to remove your car to other parking areas.

Price is slightly high especially for the deep fried spring roll (RM3.80 per piece) but Ho reassured it is all full of goodness like sweet fresh crab meat.


  1. wow, i guess your age ain't young XD

  2. Gill Gill, dunno how you define age. I think I am like vintage wine. It get better with age! :)

  3. I enjoy eating at this place.

  4. just tried their food today, taste average.

  5. Gill Gill: Ya...maybe the taste is average but I appreciate the rustic atmosphere and people who worked there. :)


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