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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Edoichi Japanese Cuisine

My Ratings: 3 Stars

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Ground floor, Island Plaza, Penang (next to Coffee Bean)
Non Halal
RM30 - 45 per person

"Edo" which was renamed to "Tokyo" in 1868. Edo was the capital city of the Tokugawa Shogunate before the Meiji Restoration

The modern term "Japanese Cuisine" aka Nihon ryori or washoku means traditional styled Japanese food. Japanese cuisine is known for its emphasis on seasonality of the food (shun), quality of the ingredients and presentation.

Edoichi JC just opened about a month and a half ago and has been enjoying a steady stream of customers. The menu is beautifully pictured and the restaurant has a sushi bar with pleasant seating arrangement and private rooms,

The service is courteous and the staffs are always eager to check with the customers on their needs to make the dinning experience more comfortable. Each table has a service call button adds to the service factor

We ordered some lunch sets and Katsu curry. The sets ordered chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, Tofu steak and tempura set. For drinks we ordered Cola Fizz, Vanilla Banana shake and green tea (ocha). The taste was OK but we found the teriyakis slightly salty.

The ambiance is pleasant and a good escape from the heat of the day. Great sushi bar and a nice aquarium. Overall the price is slightly above average. They charge RM1 per pax for ocha. No government tax but service charge is included.


  1. Tried it out last night. Table not clean(left-overs of previous diner). No pork on the menu (as any traditional restaurant should have)! Tiger beer in tin instead of bottle (one wonders the origin). Sashimi cut too thick and too large. Vegetables in tempura cut too large. Too much Ajinimoto. A disgrace to the Japanese cuisine! I lived in Japan for 16 years!


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