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Monday, January 4, 2010

Daore Korean Premium BBQ

My Ratings: 5 Stars

Cuisine: Korean BBQ
Location: Jalan Tanjung Tokong (next to Petronas Station), 10470 Penang
RM40-80 per person

The sudden popularity of Korean cuisine fuels an explosion of Korean restaurants on the Island.....and Daore Korean Premium BBQ suddenly opened with two restaurant within a year. The first was in Bayan Point and the lastest project is in Tanjung Tokong.

The setup is impressive. No money is spared in designing its decor, equipment and hiring their service staffs.

As expected, you get great service. Order a minimum of two BBQ dishes and their cook it right in front for you. The dining experience comes with lots of extra side dishes like Kim-Chi, pickled vegetables, seaweed soup, desserts and a lot more assortments of tit-bits. Some items changes daily.

All you have to do is to order your main course/dishes and all the rest is taken care of. If you order the BBQ, there is a method to eat the BBQ meats. Get a piece of green salad, dip the meat in sesame oil, then their special chili bean paste and combine with a piece of garlic and shallots and wrap it up and chew it all in one mouthful. Gastronomic Heaven!!

We ordered Dak-gal-bi (lean skinless chicken marinated in hot chili sauce) RM27, Hanbang Dweji Wang Galbi (Choice pork ribs marinated in Korean Ginseng and herbs extract with sweet soy sauce) RM35, Unagi Galbi (eel) RM40
There are choice of seating arrangements you can request the restaurants. there is the standard chair and table, then there Tatami style and lastly tatami style in private rooms that looked like a village of many traditional Korean houses.

The Chief Chef is a Korean and he takes time to meet the restaurant customers. ......Great customer service!!! The Manager is also Korean and the staffs is not locals too (definitely not Koreans)

Ample parking with valet service. Great food and quality ingredients. Good ambiance makes the overall dining experience great. But be warned, you come out of the restaurant after meals smelling like BBQ on your body, attire and hair (despite lots of suction ventilation). So don't plan on going on another date after dinner....just straight to shower and a fresh change of attire


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