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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog Fest Asia 2010

I casually heard about this blog fest from my nephew and later friends. Intrigued, I surfed the web and many times thinking should I register or not. However, it did not take me long to decide to register. It is an international event and the first Blog Fest Asia was held in Hong Kong. I thought I am sure I am not going to miss the chance to attend, now that it is in Malaysia and best of all in my home state of Penang!!

When I heard there was seats available for the Penang Heritage Tour, I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about the heritage and get to know more about the international blogger community. The cream of the tour was a feast to our local foods and drinks. I enjoyed the tour, it was informative and eye-opening. Thanks to Tourism Malaysia who sponsored the tour.
That night, we were invited to a dinner for all registered bloggers at the QE2 restaurant. We took this time to get to know fellow bloggers and the blogging scene in their countries. The mood was relaxing but we did not stayed on for long as we had an earlier morning start

Saturday was a big day. A larger group of bloggers all congregated at Wawasan Open University at the Northam Road campus. There were local and international blogger from all over the world from Taiwan to India and across the ocean to France and the United States of America.

The events got off a good start with Keynote address, panel discussion and later breakout sessions to discuss about security and privacy issues, commercializing the blog and new technology in the blogsphere.

In the evening, we attended a dinner and cultural event organized by Tourism Malaysia. Our international friends were treated to can impressive cultural dance and Chingay demonstration. The night proceeded to the awards ceremonies where new and seasoned bloggers were recognized for their contributions to the blogging scene.

In summary, with the Blog Fest Asia being an international event, clearly shows that blogging has come a long way from a hobby to an established community in the world arena. And I am glad that government and state agencies together with private companies has sponsored this fest to be held here in Malaysia, clearly shows that Malaysian bloggers is a force and to show our international friends and Malaysia and Penang has much more to offer to see, eat and live!
For more information about the Blog Fest Asia, click here
For more information about Tourism Malaysia, click here
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  1. Dear Alan,

    Thank you for the interesting post. Do support us again in future events sponsored or organised by us.

  2. FYI, the saturday evening dinner and culture show was sponsored by penang tourism.

  3. visited ~ i am from blog fest too.. XD

  4. i'll grab some of your photos :) nice seeing you during the blogfest

  5. Agreed. Although i didn't get to go to blogfest, the reviews sound good so far.


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