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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Congee@New Lane

My Ratings: 4 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese/Street Hawker Fare
Location: Junction of New Lane & McAllister Road, Penang
Price: RM4 - 5 per person

One evening, I decided to haunt a street famed for its street foods sold by the tens of hawkers who have been plying their trade since since I could remember. It has been years since I ate there. So there so some unfamiliarity of the food available their. Also that evening, my appetite wasn't at its best. So I was looking for something less filling and easy to go down.

I scouted the stalls from my plastic stool and I kinda like what I saw. I saw poh piah and a congee stall side by side. But I wasn't really sure what to have. So I ordered two. I was confident I could finish both.

But the setup of the congee stall really attracted my attention. All those pork inerts and meat hanging on the same push cart. Stomach lining, Char Siew (Marinated BBQ pork), intestines (deep fried till crisp and dark golden colour, more intestines (cooked) and some other parts or meat which I do not even know such existed.

At first look, the mass of meat and inerts hangings do not really stimulate ones appetite, especially I am trying very hard to eat more vegetables (be a vegetarian). But then the memories of soothing congee brings me back to a time and place I was really comfortable.....home and home cooked congee.

Congee on its own is so simple. Often taken when the weather is hot (and it is really hot nowadays) and when one is sick. The silky sooth consistency really helps the food goes down the throat. Add those deep fried inerts and char siew and a pinch of white pepper powder and freshly chopped shallots (spring onions) plus a dash of sesame oil is a must.......make the whole dining experience heavenly

But what had changed from the golden olden days is the price. I remember not paying more than RM0.80 for a bowl to now a minimum of RM4.00 to satisfy the desire for congee

A must try if you are not afraid of this bizarre food of port inerts and a fan of this Hong Kong styled congee.


  1. The porridge is simply irresistable....I just had in last week while in Penang!

  2. I like the non-fried version of chyuu cheong. Very soft.

  3. I like the porridge too.

    But seems like it make me very thirsty after eating it...

    Don't you feel that?

  4. I know the boss and he always tease me .... eh coming back to do poster shoot again ah? .... kena charge money for taking pix ... :P

  5. Great review, great place to have hawkers food.


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