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Friday, November 6, 2009

Lang Sae Lee Thai Food

My Ratings: 5 Star

Cuisine: Thai
Location: 97A, Tan Jetty, Weld Quay 10300 Penang
Price: RM15-20 per person

It is so rare that you can find an establishment that is dishing out great food and yet still not commercialized. Look no more. Madam Lee, a Thai Teo Chew who have been staying in Penang for the past 40 years decided three months ago to go into the restaurant trade after she received encouragement from her friends who enjoy her authentic Thai cooking.

Thanks to Criz who recommended me this restaurant. Another jewel to be discovered. I truly enjoy the food and atmosphere. The restaurant is situated at the end of the Tan Jetty is surrounded by picturesque view of a jetty long forgotten in time. The restaurants serves a variety of Thai fried rices and noodles: Belacan, Tom Yam, Slated Fish, Sambal, Thai Basil and all time favourites Pinaaple Fried Rice. It aslo serves other Thai favourites like Fish Cake, Otak Otak, Stuffed Chicken Wings, Pandan Chicken, Tom Yam Soup both clear and the hot & spicy types and of course Thai Laksa.

We ordered the Thai Laksa as entry and followed by Stuffed Chicken Wings, Fish Cake, Pineapple Rice, Laksa and Clear Tom Yam soup. Madam Lee is truly a master in authentic Thai dish. My favourites are Fish Cake, Stuffed Chicken wings (RM3/pcs), Clear Tom Yam soup (RM8) and a bowl of laksa (RM3) to share. Wonderful!!!!

The fish cake is tasty, the clear Tom Yam soup pack a powerful sour punch and the laksa as a balance of sourness and sweetness from the coconut milk - all 5 stars. Together with home-made "Ribena" (Freshly brewed Roselle flower)

There is so many other dishes that we have to leave for the next trip. Madam Lee is thinking of expanding her business with seafood and steamboat

Customers can order seafood or steamboat now (RM15 per person set not including drinks). But because it is still uncommerciallized, pre-order by phone call is required in order for Madam Lee to serve you with the freshest seafood. Yes, you have to cal at least 1-2 days ahead so that Madam Lee has time to buy you your fish at the wet market nearby the jetty. This is seriously fresh! Madam Lee insist that we try her Steamed Siakap in spicy lime on our next visit

I rate this place 5 stars because it serves traditional, authentic home-cooked Thai food that is still uncommercialized (still cooked in small portions just like you would be having a family dinner). Once she has taken your order, she will quietly disappear into her back kitchen and starts creating her magic. Price is moderate but worth in value coz what you get is authenticity and fresh ingredients. As it is still uncommercialized, don't expect it to be a fancy restaurant. There is no menu...yet, just a photo album to illustrate some of the food items

So Madam Lee's Authentic Thai food is a must-try now before commercialization sets in. Don't go in a very empty stomach as Madam Lee takes her time and pride to whip up her specialties. For pre-orders, call Madam Lang Sae Lee +6014-9071808. Opens Daily except Tuesday from 11:00am - 7:00pm.


  1. I knew you would love such a place... a jewel find I would say. You should try out the Basil Chicken/Seafood Fried Rice. I love the unique taste a lot.

    Hmm... should we arrange for a dinner here soon since RM15/20 per pax would not so expensive too?

  2. Update: they open until 9pm/10pm (depending on whether has customer or not)

  3. hi!

    I went past the entrance to Tan Jetty today. I was wondering where you parked your car.

  4. This makes me want to book a flight to Thailand IMMEDIATELY
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