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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Perak Road's Mr Loh Mee

My Ratings: 3 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese, Street foods
Location: Joo Huat Restaurant, 336-G1 Lintang Slim, off Jalan Perak, 11600 Penang (approx 100m from Jalan Perak Fire Station/Harmony apartments)
Non Halal
RM4 - 8 per person

What can you say when you are nicknamed after a product category like The Banner King orThe T-Shirt King. In this case, "Kim Leng Tua Lor Au" rightfully earned the title of "Mr Loh Mee". Mr Loh Mee serves fresh, delicious and cheap loh mee to his customers daily (except Thursdays).

Mr Loh Mee took over the business from his sister who was too old to continue the business. Mr Loh Mee who had no experience is making loh mee slowly perfected his sister's recipe over the years and slowly build up a loyal clientele.

Mr Loh Mee has a very simple business approach. Serves the best and freshest loh mee and cheap (value for money) too (RM2.30 per bowl) . He makes his profits by just selling more bowls. He also make the "loh" or gravy fresh and not a lot of quantity. And when the gravy is gone, he just makes more at his home nearby. The reason is that gravy that have been cooking too long has a burnt aftertaste. Mr Loh Mee's loh mee is well garnished with pork strips, a half egg and pork inerts like tribe and intestines. Yum....delicious!

Mr Loh Mee also sells chicken paws for those who are more adventurous for only RM2:30 a bowl. Double yum! Mr Loh Mee who was recently featured on Astro's "Taste with Jason" has seen it customer based doubling and during peak time, you can see the bee line of customers for take aways stretching over 50m. No better luck if you sit in the cafe for the famous loh mee. My orders took 30 minutes to come and I had to remind the stall workers about my two bowls orders. The portion is smaller and I finished the two bowls in no time.

The orders are huge that production and service cannot cope especially on weekends. Later on, I managed to learn how I can get my orders quick which is to remind the waitress about my order while she is carrying the loh mee bowls to customers. She just give me the bowls that she had on her tray. I think the waitress also cannot remember who ordered what and just bring the bowl out and asked the customers if they ordered or not.

I recommend this loh mee. The gravy is aromatic with five spice and thick enough to completely sticks to each noodle strands. It is cheap. At RM2:30 per bowl, its about 40% cheaper than usual pricing. Although the portion is a bit smaller but it is still cheap.

Business Hours: 7am - 4pm
Close on Thursdays
Tel: 0164775152

For the location map, click here


  1. My favorite Loh Mee. Having it almost once a week (last time).

  2. I don't really know how to appreciate loh mee. Can teach me how? :P

  3. It was closed the last time I went. I must go again! :) Btw, 30 mins is a bit too long uh?!


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